'From Me To 3792'
Writen by David Hendon
Directed by Ian Craddock
 Diane has a seemingly idyllic lifestyle and would never have dreamed of writing to a total stranger, let alone a murderer, but she is not content and after a disparaging remark from her husband decides, on a whim and an article in the neighbour from hells Daily Mail, to write to a prisoner on death-row in America.
Is she doing this because of the lack of love from her career focused husband; increasingly independent children, or is it a cry for help?
'Rose Cottage'

Written by Steve Pearce
Directed by Jenny Stephens
A heart-warming black comedy about love, loss, immigration and the gorgeous bloke in intensive care.  
Hiding in the mortuary on their break, Carla would rather not speak to her husband, Bernice just wants someone to speak to, Agnieska can't speak English,

 And, of course, the corpses can't speak at all.
By Liz John and Julia Wright
Lisa’s life is bad enough without her older sister Jackie cracking up. 
She knew  Jackie was eccentric but claiming that they’ll soon be invisible…well,  really! 
But then again, why is it that neither Lisa’s cheating husband,  nor his current mistress, seem to notice her?! 
And if Jackie is right,  and not actually insane, then how is she making a living in her barbers shop without  any customers?
' Once you reach 40, men only notice you if you've shagged them, or you know their mum'.
'Calling For Help'
By Liz John and Julia Wright

A new interactive comedy by the writers of ‘Invisible’.
Sean wants to fight fires and save lives - so why is he working in a call centre with his mother-in-law Rachel? When his ambitions take a bizarre turn, Rachel starts to panic - he has put her family, home and job at risk!
Meanwhile Sean is having fun....until he notices some strange goings-on. Why is Rachel so concerned about his marriage? Why is she turning everyone against him? And is his newborn baby really talking to him?

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