About Next Page

We aim to present high quality new writing to diverse audiences and are pleased to have nurtured relationships with writers with strong credentials and innovative ideas.
We strive to attract first time theatre goers and  those who may be new to writing, by promoting our work widely as well as engaging with writing organisations and more traditional theatre audiences. 
Next Page aims to challenge boundaries by not settling for putting on well known material to get the crowds in, but to whet people’s appetites and encourage them to see and experience the undiscovered talent of Midlands writers.
This means that we may have to work harder to get the people through the door but once we have done that, they will be able to explore the trivia of suburban existence through creative exploration and well constructed storytelling, that doesn’t have to lead them to a decisive ending.
We will be prepared to take those additional risks in developing new work so that the talents of East and West Midlands based artists can be witnessed.

Who are we ?

    Caroline set up Next Page Productions as a way of making sure that new writing was getting seen in The Midlands. She now has 4 successful tours under her belt and is always looking for new scripts to work with.